Consolidating all developers’ Notices to Mariners relevant to the individual mariner’s area of interest onto one easily accessible interactive online global map.
Enhanced Mariner Information Notices (EMIN) cover all bases consistently and professionally so that all mariners have access to the most accurate data available and in the correct format for their needs.
Access to the EMIN map is easy with the designated web address: www.marinernotices.com.


  • Produce Mariner Notices to view, print or email
  • Easy access to interactive global EMIN map
  • Map users can draw a box to view the Mariner Notices within their area of interest
  • Email notifications for subscribers
  • Reduces information fatigue
  • Professional support for mariners needs
  • Dedicated support for outreach and active issues related to mariner communications
  • Embed map and mariner notices on own website for seamless integration and ease of use by mariners
  • Custom chartlets
  • Includes access to plotter files
  • Supporting free access to the EMIN service and SafetyFolder for all mariners

Let's work together

Contributing global expertise
to help solve regional maritime challenges

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