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The Quintham Hub overview facilities allows access to account, project and vessel management modules.

Quintham is committed to remaining the world leader in supporting mariners with safety management tools. Our dedication to excellence is evident through our collaboration with clients and our unwavering focus in incorporating environmental, ethical and social considerations into our core services.
Our unique approach makes us the ideal partners for offshore projects, as we maximize safety, and promote the health, safety and well being of fishing vessel crews. You can trust Quintham to deliver unparalleled support and expertise in this field.
The company philosophy remains the same as it did at the start of our journey in 2009, to improve fishing vessel safety.

Supporting improvement in international mariner safety:
Working with Quintham enhances your corporate social responsibility by enabling the EMIN service and SafetyFolder to remain free for all mariners.

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Quintham Hub Modules

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Enhanced Mariner Information Notices

The EMIN service combines all developers' Mariner Notices onto one interactive online global map.

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Plotter Files

Accurately translate data directly from supplied GIS files to most navigational systems in use.

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Watchful App

Integrated software designed to enable the service vessel to fulfil the developers' requirements.

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Watchful Data

Monitor the project areas and vessels on the Quintham Hub map. (Requires the Watchful App)

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A free service available to all mariners to manage the health and safety of their vessel and crew.

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Vessel Safety Management System

Our SMS ensures that vessels and service companies adhere to mandatory safety regulations.

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Vessel Manager

Manage the safety and scheduling requirements of service vessels and their crew.

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Integrated Safety Management

The ISM is the company’s auditable approach to vessel QHSE management.

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