The Watchful App has been designed to enable the service vessel to fulfill the developer’s needs.

Our easy-to-install, easy-to-use onboard software allows for integration with the vessel’s navigation systems, collecting real-time data from GPS, AIS, radar, and user input.
The Watchful App helps users make zero-error reports that can be formatted for data collection or regular reading.


  • On board software integrated with the vessels navigation systems
  • Collect real time data from AIS, GPS, radar and user input
  • Log HSE events, communications and weather
  • Log vessels, fishing gear and marine wildlife sightings
  • Assess the risk to the asset of all vessels entering project area and provide a risk rating
  • Helps users create zero error reports
  • Reports can be formatted for data collection or regular reading
  • Created reports can be exported in multiple formats
  • Supporting free access to the EMIN service and SafetyFolder for all mariners

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