Our team are world leaders in fishing vessel safety management systems, allowing us to support the transition from unmanaged to managed regarding safety on any vessel.

Safety management systems (SMS) need to evolve; using modern technology, we make it easy to monitor safety onboard. Regularly using the SafetyFolder to capture meaningful data, the vessel owner can ensure that their SMS protects themselves, the crew, and the environment.


  • Produce a safety management system using the free online SafetyFolder
  • The SafetyFolder SMS conforms to ILO C188 regulations
  • Ensure that vessels and service companies adhere to mandatory safety rules and regulations
  • Write risk assessments, policies and procedures with the templates provided
  • Record accidents, emergencies and near misses
  • Upload the vessel's lifesaving appliances and monitor expiry dates
  • Provide life saving appliance training using our illustrated LSA training manual
  • Manage crew, crew credentials and crew lists
  • The electronic documents produced can be easily printed as PDFs when required
  • Having an approved SMS allows the vessel owner to diversify into offshore projects
  • Allow service vessel companies access to the vessel's SMS

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