Supporting service vessel companies to enable local vessels conform to the standards required by the offshore development industry. Using the multiple management tools provided within the Vessel Manager to manage the daily requirements of a service vessel company.

The scheduler checks vessel and crew certificates against the client’s requirements to give a list of approved vessels available, while also checking across projects to prevent scheduling conflicts.


  • Access to the SafetyFolder to review vessel compliance for projects
  • Custom vessel Safety Management System (SMS), following the FSM Code
  • Provide SMS support for new vessels starting to work in offshore development
  • Produce SMS bridging document to client requirements
  • Promote vessels to clients with a custom vessel specification
  • Using the vessel scheduler, match vessels and crew to client requirements
  • Schedule vessels from the generated list of approved vessels
  • Cross check vessels across projects to prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Direct supply of Watchful App for project vessels and FLO
  • Supporting free access to the EMIN service and SafetyFolder for all mariners

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