Plotter File Converter

We offer file conversion services to change plotterfile between formats. This service can be really useful for collecting information ffrom vessels, or simply switching between plotter systems.

Radar Simulator

Education is a key part of competence, and our navigation and radar simulator is easy to use and quick to run. It works over the internet and in the users browser, so it can be accessed by many devices.

Project Vessel Support

Our team are ready to support vessel management companies to fulfil their potential as scout, safet and chase vessels. We have over ten years of experience with supporting and managing complex vessel projects form Health, Safety and Environmentnal to quality management, allowing your company to excell.

Enhanced Mariner Information Service

Our online map viewer allows for the hazards related to your project being easy for the marine users to relate to. They can then access the data in files that will go direct to their navigation system. Our team are able to support users dierctly and ensure that there are no errors in getting this vital data to their systems.

Fisheries Representative Support

We manage geographical data and instantly create files compatible with most navigation systems and visual needs, including paper charts. Files are compatible with Olex, Windplots, Furuno, NavNet, Hondex and most other plotters.

Watchful Reporting Software

Our custom software is developed specifically for supporting project vessels, fisheries representatives, and fishermen in managing the data needs of offshore developers. Our On-Watch Software solution is designed to provide real-time awareness for multiple stakeholders including safety, scouting and guard vessels, as well as FLO's and Onshore managers.

Traffic Surveys

Obtaining up-to-date visuals of vessel activity is possible with our On-Watch software, which is integrated with a vessel’s navigation instruments including radar, GPS, and AIS. Traffic surveys can also be enhanced with manual inputs of targets based on bearing and distance observations. Our in-house support team provides dedicated support to software customization and report designing.

Safety Management Systems

We are the leader in Safety Management Systems for fishing vessels and support fishermen with transitioning fishing vessels to compliant service vessels. Our team offers full development, implementation, training and ongoing support for your safety management needs.

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